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Amasiiko (Hope) Pregnancy Care Center birthed in November 2017 through collaboration with Beautiful Feet International. Masiiko Pregnancy Care Center trains the Batwa women on the life inside of their womb, how to care for their bodies and unborn children, and follows up with the women through the first year of life of their child.  We believe that by upgrading their skills and knowledge base that it helps to build their confidence and also increases the health of the mother, decreases mortality rates and increases the well being among the Batwa mothers and babies.

Amasiiko Pregnancy Care Center preaches the message of hope to our at risk Batwa women and teenage mothers helping them to know that God loves them and loves the babies in their wombs since God is the one who opens and closes the womb.  We teach that no pregnancy is a mistake.  The women choose to trust in the Lord, love the babies in their wombs regardless of the past situation or how they became pregnant.  

Amasiiko Pregnancy Care Center also provides health education to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.  The women are also provided with basic support which includes basic medical care, clothes, soap, food, items to use while they deliver their baby, vitamins, and clothing and blankets for the baby.  Since the opening of Amasiiko Pregnancy Care Center, we have helped over 136 women from our different centers.  Barbara Mellab Tugume oversees the Amasiiko Pregnancy Care Center along with our nurse who assists Barbara.

Each month the women meet and they walk great distances to come to receive support.  Your monthly support helps to provide food and drinks for the women, supplies that are handed out, and in some cases transport funds. 

If you would like to help support our Amasiiko Pregnancy Care Center, you can become a monthly partner.  We are also wanting to finish a room in our Rivers of Life Clinic for a birthing room for our women.  The living conditions of our women are very poor and dirty.  Our goal would be to have a birthing center where our women can come and deliver in a clean and safe environment.  

$1380 a month supports all five of our centers.  

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