Water Collection Proposal

It's raining.

It's pouring.

The old man is snoring....

Well, we aren't sure about snoring men, but what we do know is that when it rains in Uganda, it surely pours!  Taking advantage of the rainy season is very important in Uganda, especially for agriculture.  When it is dry season, it is very dry.  This water collection project will serve multiple functions:
  • Down pours in Uganda can damage buildings and can be deadly.  We want to add gutters to our buildings to reroute water into water collection tanks.  This will help to save the foundation of our buildings.
  • We need water.  Lots of water.  We just planted 2000 trees; we have gardens; and we have animals.  All of the things need water.  The collected water will allow us to create an irrigation system.  With over 300 children at the Land of Living Hope, the well and pump are getting plenty of use.  This will help to decrease the strain on our pump and generator and allow for us to use collected water during the dry season.  

To read more about our Water Collection Proposal click here: Water Collection



Michael Mancino
Hickory, NC